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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paddle On!

Last summer Jacob discovered Groupon (angels singing in the background..."Aaahhhhh"). One of his first purchases was a kayak tour with a local company. He knew how much I love kayaking & surprised me with it when I visited. The tour took us through the aquatic backyards of some amazing neighborhoods & part of the Anaheim Bay National Wildlilfe Refuge.

I knew we had to take my mom & sister when they visited because they love driving around & looking at houses (as do I). You can even hear them talking about which houses & boats they would like to have (pretty much any of them!).

I love how Bear starts to show off her kayaking skills...with her paddles backwards! She said she was a pro because she & Zac kayaked on their honeymoon...apparently not.

Jacob thought he was too good to kayak with us...he preferred to try his hand at paddle-boarding. He did a great job & kept his balance the entire time...despite our constant attempts to try to knock him off into the cold water. (Mom was chasing him in the previous video so she could surprise him & make him fall off his board.)

Please do not think more into Mom's comment about her "babysitting house." To clarify, she's talking about when Bear & Zac start giving me nieces & nephews.

The video was taken with our new waterproof camera. Maybe not the best quality but hey, it's waterproof!

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