Just me, my guy, our cats, & the other 18 million people in the LA area...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving!

Wonderful food, wonderful company.

Everyone said Tiffany made a delicious turkey.

And apparently Seaton liked my pumpkin pie!

Jacob & I had today off from work & will be enjoying a relaxing weekend.

I'll be sewing; he'll be working on a few projects around the apartment.

Maybe we'll decorate for Christmas...now that Thanksgiving has officially passed.

Sunday's high is supposed to be around 80 so we may have to spend the afternoon at the beach.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

(Apparently we do get some fall leaves in SoCal!)

There is so much to be thankful for today: the new adventure Jacob & I started this summer, our jobs, our wonderful families back home & the technology that helps keep us connected, our family out here who is spending the day with us, & the Coco Bolo's recipe we smuggled out of Manhattan!

We're spending the day cooking with Jake & Tiffany, calling family & friends back home, watching football, watching Harry Potter, drinking sangria, & hopefully we'll get a few good games of Farkle in, too!

I hope you all are spending the holiday with loved ones & eating lots of yummy food!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I clicked my heels three times...

And found myself back in Kansas. For a weekend anyway...

Jacob & Mom surprised me with a trip back to Kansas for Arkalalah! My 28th Arkalalah to be exact and yes, that does deserve specific mention.

As I was walking through the Wichita airport I saw this...

...and knew I was back in Kansas. I texted this picture to Jacob that afternoon & he begged me to bring some decent beef back with him. Poor guy still hasn't found any decent meat out here.

Mom was there to pick me up & the first stop on our way to AC was to see Bear at work. The second stop was Planet Sub. I am a girl with her priorities in order! I hadn't had a Tempeh Reuben sandwich in MONTHS & to say I was giddy would be an understatement.

It was a wonderful weekend full of family & friends. That's the great thing about Arkalalah weekend...you can see just about everyone you need to see just by walking up Summit Street on Saturday afternoon. We made it to the pancake feed, parade, arts & crafts fair, night show, & too many food vendors to count.

I meant to take pictures to post for you: the carnival, funnel cakes, family, & friends good enough to be family. But as usual, I forgot.

With one exception. I took plenty of pictures of this little guy!

He is just the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Lindsay & Adam are lucky I didn't run off with him. Jacob was warned that he may get a call saying to go buy a crib because I was coming home with a baby.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lack of Protein

Jacob was talking to his dad on the phone as we were pulling onto the 405 this evening. Because we ride together we're able to use the carpool lane that allows us to zoom past all the other single drivers who have to wait at the light that restricts the number of cars entering the freeway. We love how we're able to do that!

Now we're no experts, but my guess is that a semi can't just hop into the car pool lane to enter the freeway & cut us off, but that's exactly what happened today. As my tendency to get a little worked up while driving is well known, you won't be surprised to hear that my reaction was immediate, passionate, & consisted of one or two words that I can't say in front of Warren.

Rob then made some comment about the hand gestures that must accompany my vocal outbursts. I explained that while I'm quick to verbally insult the other driver, I'm never quick enough to honk or give the bird.

"Must be the lack of protein...it affects your ability to react."

Rob's always one to find a circumstance to ridicule me for being a tree-hugging vegetarian. :)