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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Cream for Dinner

To set up this conversation, I have jaw issues. They started around Easter of this year & I was in so much pain I ended up eating only applesauce & mashed potatoes for about a week. My doctor prescribed me a heavy duty anti-inflammatory & a pain killer to get me through it. What happens is that my jaw pops out of socket when I open my mouth too wide or when I move my jaw side to side. The problem recently flared up again & I can open my mouth just enough to eat. Ugh.

Jacob: What sounds good for dinner?
Me: Nothing.
Jacob: Nothing as in you're not hungry or hungry as in nothing sounds good?
Me: Nothing sounds good...except ice cream!
Jacob: You can't just eat ice cream for dinner. You need real food.
Me: But my jaw hurts too much for anything else.
Jacob: Can I get you to eat some applesauce before your ice cream?
Me: I guess.

5 minutes later he offers me some of the Nutty Bar he's snacking on...I take a bite.

Jacob: Your jaw hurts so bad that you can only eat ice cream, huh?
Me: Damn.

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