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Monday, August 22, 2011

A taste of home...

Jacob sent me this text message today:

"If you need a taste of home, take Outer Circle & turn up Lakewood Blvd."

I spent all day wondering what it could be. Maybe he found great donut shop on his way to work & he mentioned it because we both miss Ike's. Or maybe he found a big sunflower garden. A restaurant with the name Kansas in it. A sign with a PowerCat on it. I got excited thinking of all the possible reminders of home.

But I'm lazy...I didn't go check it out. In my defense, I thought I might enjoy it more if we went together. Jacob said that was a great idea, that it would be even better on the bike.

After he got home from work I asked Jacob if he wanted to go check out the surprise. (By then I had worked this little Kansas reminder into something great...not quite defined in my head...but I knew it was going to be GREAT!)

Jacob warned me that the surprise wasn't all that huge...just a little something. (Again, I thought he was just downplaying this GREAT thing so I would be even more surprised.)

Then he spilled the beans...it was a skunk. A dead skunk. On the way to work & on the way home he smelled (& apparently tasted) a nasty dead skunk. He assumed skunks wouldn't live this close so it would be a nice "taste" of home for me to experience.

Um...no thanks...that's one part of home I don't really care to be reminded of.

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