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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Jacob update...

His first few weeks, Jacob had to work longer hours than we had expected to be normal. And I missed him! (Yeah yeah...insert "aw" or "gag" here.) But it made me realize how spoiled we were when we lived in Manhattan. We lived together & worked in the same building so we could pretty much see each other anytime we wanted. And we're only two years into this so I still like him & enjoy getting to see him!

The reason he had to work longer was to prepare for the HP New Hire Olympics & Bridge Building Competition. It's an event the company holds every summer for the newbies in the company. All the new hires & interns on Jacob's job site competed against those on other job sites in 4-way volleyball, 4-way tug-of-war, an obstacle course, a rock climbing wall, Frisbee golf, & other games. But I think the highlight was the Bridge Building Competition. Jacob's "Alaska" team took 1st place in architectural aesthetics. So we are now the happy owners of a video camera that is waterproof...yay for videos at the beach!

Culture Day was also part of Jacob's week. The company booked rooms for all the new hires & interns at a hotel that is close to the District Office in Irvine & took some time to explain company history, goals, current projects, & backlog (looking good by the way). I remember talking to Jacob after last year's Culture Day. He was so excited to be working for HP then & had the same enthusiasm this year. I'm so glad he's found a job he truly enjoys for a company he really respects (not to say he didn't love working at K-State...don't worry Greg, Rob, Kenny, & JJ...he loved working with you all, too...but you know that.)

Side note...we found out that the 2nd company president was Robert Tointon. All the Manhattanites out there should recognize that name. It appears outside the KSU baseball stadium...Frank Myers Field at Tointon Family Stadium...the one & the same! This company has an awesome relationship with K-State.

So Friday I drove down to Irvine to stay the night with Jacob. While he was at work I took a little time to visit a FANTASTIC fabric warehouse (the warehouse of purlsoho.com) & do a bit of window shopping (only bought a $4 set of bangles). Friday night we went out to an adorable Cuban restaurant. The food/drinks/ambiance were wonderful! I can't wait to go back.

Saturday we went to Newport Beach. We walked around a bit & happened upon a farmer's market. I love farmer's markets...all the produce, flowers, food, people, etc. Such a great atmostphere.

We picked up some delicious strawberries, chile & sweet corn tamales, fresh pasta, pesto, & freshly squeezed orange juice. All were yummy & not much is left...it's only Tuesday!

Then we went to Corona del Mar beach. While it was beautiful...

...it was also awfully crowded.

I'm not so sure we'll go back if it's always that crowded. I loved that at Huntington Beach we had enough space to spread out & toss the Frisbee (lots of space is required for me to play Frisbee...I'm a little unpredictable) without bumping into people. But I'm all about continuing the search for our favorite SoCal beach!

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