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Thursday, August 4, 2011

And I hear a collective "Poor Jacob" from the crowd

Every year Long Beach plays host to an amazing quilt show: the Long Beach International Quilt Festival. For some reason I thought the show was in the spring & was bummed that by moving here in June I just missed it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it's actually the last weekend of July!

So last Saturday Jacob & I went downtown to the Convention Center & stepped into the craziness that is a quilt show! Jacob was one of four men we saw under the age of 35...& he thought he would be the only one. Ha! Women were EVERYWHERE. I was elbowed & bumped into & stepped on. I'm telling you, fabric hunting is a viscous sport to some people!

After visiting all the vendors (some more than once) we walked through the quilts on display. Here are some pictures of ones I was drawn to:

for their colors (this quilter was inspired by Yellowstone for this quilt),

for their messages (this one addressed society's tendency to fix all problems with pills even though there are possible side affects - the quilting is taken from warning messages on pill bottles),

and because they remind me of home (the 'seeds' are actually little beads & we guess the middle of the quilt must weight several pounds). I thought it was interesting how many of the quilts I was drawn to were so different from what I would think to make myself.

We didn't look at all the quilts because I was exhausted & wanted nothing other than to take a nap! But overall, the quilt show was a success. I got some new patterns that I'm SUPER excited about, some great fabric (for some planned & some unplanned projects), & a magazine I had been hunting for. The highlight of the day was getting to use a long arm quilter for the first time. I was in a bit of a daze after that. It was just simply amazing...I won't continue because only a few of you out there will understand. :)

But just so you know, Jacob did survive. He didn't get lost in the crowds or trampled. In fact, he was praised for being such a wonderful boyfriend & tagging along. I'm pretty lucky!

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