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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom & Bear visit

My mom & sister were here for the weekend! We had so much fun at the beach, kayaking, & visiting. It was hard Monday when they both left...especially because Mom was supposed to stay through this week so she could "really see where we live." Two full days was not enough time with them but family calls & we jump into action.

Sunday night, after a whole day on the water, we went out to dinner at the Pike (downtown area). While we waited for a table at the restaurant, Mom, Bear, & I wandered around the boats & all the little shops. We found a hat shop, funnel cake stand, & a pirate store. Mom took lots of pictures (like she did all weekend: "ooh, look, surfers!" "ooh, I need a picture of that bird of paradise, canna, palm tree, etc.") of the people & boats. She also got some pictures of the Queen Mary (to be explored next time).

Dinner was great. We sat outside & because we were all little lobsters it was a bit chilly. Those two had such a hard time believing that the outdoors wasn't air conditioned!

After dinner we HAD to go back to the hat shop. I'm not really a hat person but I found a great beach hat at that store. No, I didn't get the Dr. Quinn hat...

I told you...all day on the water. I'm actually glad my brother-in-law wasn't there to make fun of my raccoon eyes!

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