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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Freudian Toss?

We have had our first family visitors with us this week! Jacob's mom (Deb), his sister (Sam), & Sam's boyfriend (Derek) are here for the holiday weekend.

I was a little nervous about their visit. For one, we haven't been here that long & I wanted to have everything unpacked & organized & clean. Not that they are judgey people, but I consider that my job for the time being & I want to do my job well (at least when company is here). Also, I was nervous because Deb & Sam are the two women that Jacob has known the longest in his life & it's so important to me that we get along well.

We've had a great visit so far. The day they got here (Thursday) we went out to dinner in Huntington Beach & Derek saw the ocean for the first time. Jacob had to work Friday so the rest of us went shopping at the Citadel (lots of outlet shops). Yesterday we hit the pool early in the afternoon & I finally figured out what Jacob's sister thinks of me...

We were swimming & tossing around a pool toy, soaking up the sun (I now am enjoying my first California sunburn), & having fun. I was laying on a floaty, minding my own business when I got pegged in the eye with the pool toy...think "Ow, my nose" a'la Marsha on The Brady Bunch. Though Sam swears it was an "accident" but I can't help but wonder... ;)

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