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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dodgers 3, Rockies 2

Moving out here, Jacob & I knew we had to answer a very important question...were we going to be Angels or Dodgers fans? Because you all know how important baseball is to me, right?! What, you say you didn't know I was an avid baseball fan? Haha, yeah...but I do own a Royals t-shirt...so that counts for something?

Seeing as we scored free tickets, last night we were Dodgers fans.

We met up with Jacob's cousin & her fiance (who actually are Dodgers fans) before the game, grilled some burgers (& a fake burger), ate dinner, & headed to the game. Our seats were awesome...I've never dodged so many fly balls at a baseball game!

The game was great...meaning innings didn't last forever, people actually got on base which kept my attention, the fans were excited, & the Dodgers ended up winning. So successful night!

It was GREAT to meet more of Jacob's family & I look forward to spending more time with them. We all got free tickets to another game so we're planning on that soon. We hadn't really planned on it, we'd actually decided the opposite, but maybe we will be Dodgers fans! Or maybe we're cheap fair weather fans...either way, we'll have a good time!

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  1. Oh you guys are so cute!! I'm guessing this time there was no fabric for each inning since you are now an 'avid' baseball fan?! ;) miss you!