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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We're here...

Yesterday was our first full day in California! In Kansas the first topic of conversation is always the weather (whether or not rain or snow or ice or HEAT or hail or tornado or etc. is in the forecast or how bad the weather that just passed through was or how it wasn't nearly as bad as X many years ago) go ahead...nod your head in agreement...you know what I'm talking about. So as a good Kansas girl, I'll first let you know how gorgeous the weather is here: sunny (except for a bit of cloudiness in the mornings), the perfect temperature for jeans or shorts & a t-shirt, & it seems to get warmest around 6 or 7 p.m. I told Jacob last night at dinner that it felt weird not complaining one way or another about the weather. That seems to be another Kansas conversation staple – it’s either too hot or too cold…too humid or too dry.

The next bit of business would be to discuss our trip out here. To sum everything up, it was so much easier than I had expected. It was 1,767 miles spread out over 8 days with stops in Bird City (to visit Jacob’s parents, brothers, & grandparents), the Denver area (to see my cousin), Albuquerque, & Phoenix (to visit Jacob’s aunts, uncle, & cousins).

We made it to Long Beach by 4 in the afternoon on Monday & spent the evening checking in with the leasing office, unloading the car, & running errands. Some things I noticed on these errands: wine for sale in Target (oh yeah), basil plants the size of my head that cost less than the already packaged/almost wilted stuff at Dillon’s, bouquets of peonies for sale at the grocery store, & baggers at Trader Joe’s who know what they’re doing (if you’ve ever gone grocery shopping with me you know how that can make or break my day)! While Jackie says she can give me the equivalent to all that if I move back to Kansas…I don’t know that will quite be enough. (That doesn’t mean I don’t love & miss you, Jack.)

Yesterday Jacob went to work for a bit to fill out some paperwork & after he got back we walked to lunch (our first local restaurant – not bad) then went to the beach. It’s amazing that we can do that now…decide we want to go to the beach, pack up whatever we think we need, drive less than 10 minutes, & be there…AT THE FLIPPING BEACH! We walked barefoot just at the water’s edge (perfect temperature actually) watching the dogs fetching & chasing each other, the people kite surfing, & where we stepped (I hate kelp & whatever else washes up…bleh). It wasn’t our favorite beach, so we’ll keep looking & exploring, but still…we were AT THE FLIPPING BEACH!

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  1. You already look like you have tans! Not fair! Glad you made it safely. Enjoying your journey jots...