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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let the countdown begin...

A week from today the movers will have taken all our things, we will have thoroughly cleaned the empty apartment, we will have said our goodbyes, and we will be spending the last night in our apartment in Manhattan.

The past few weeks we have had dinners with friends and family, packed boxes, flown to LA to look for our new apartment, and basically ran around like crazy trying to prepare for this adventure. Because that's what this is. And even as I deal with the numbers, schedules, and sadness of leaving my Manhattan Home, I keep reminding myself that this is the start of a wonderful adventure and I have a wonderful person to share it with (aw...).

We want to share our life with family and friends so this blog will be full of stories about us settling into our new home in California (all the blunders and successes we will have along the way) and pictures of us/the cats/the beach/my quilting projects/whatever else tickles my fancy. Yes, the cats are coming with us! So I hope you follow along on our new adventure.

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