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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On our way to Western Kansas...

We are now 5.5 hours into the 29 hour road trip…& we’re still in Kansas. Bird City, Kansas to spend some time with Jacob’s family before hitting the road again…so we’re almost out of the state (20 miles till Colorado) but not quite.

Monday’s traveling was rather uneventful & a nice change from the busy busy of Saturday & Sunday. (I’ll try to write more on that later.)

During the drive Avey & Jackson seemed to take turns crying in the back seat but were really manageable. Seaton was wonderful. He didn’t even cry until we got to Colby. It was the easiest drive I’ve ever taken with him. Seaton spent a lot of time in the car when he was younger. On the weekends when I drove to AC, he would come along. Just like you can set your watch by my sister calling at 5:02 every evening, you could measure the length of the trip by Seaton. He would get sick 4 times within the first hour & then be fine. So for Monday to go as smoothly as it did was such a relief. Thank you doctor at KSU Vet Med for the wonderful kitty tranquilizer you gave us! I may stay sane throughout this trip after all!

I love driving past the Giants just west of Salina. I could watch them all day...so huge & ...makes driving past them dangerous...especially driving while trying to take pictures of them!

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