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Sunday, June 17, 2012

In the past 31 days...

So...lots going on this past month! Let me think...

There was the trip to Seattle.

And Jake & Tiffany's wedding.

Searching for sand dollars in the magically disappearing lake...and being chased by crabs!

Surviving the Camp Pendleton Mud Run.

Friends visiting!

Meeting Mickey (& Pluto & Cruella Deville & the Fairy Godmother & Tinkerbelle & Goofy & Minnie & the list goes on).

Oh, right! And Jacob proposed!

Of course I said yes!

(Check back in a few days for the story & more pics.)


  1. Congratulations, Katie and Jacob! You two are so very cute together. We enjoy seeing and reading about ALL the things you two are doing. You're so busy!!!! Hope to see you soon! We miss you.

  2. I love the pictures! I can't wait to see more and I can't wait for the wedding! I'm sure you already know how excited I am, but I'M VERY EXCITED! Congratulations! Yay!