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Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Wave Quilt for Katie (Kenzie)

I am so happy to finally post pictures of this quilt. I started it over a year ago without any solid idea of who it would be for or why I was making it. But then a friend saw it in progress & told me how much she loved it. Perfect, I thought, someone to give it to! And several months later she told me she was pregnant!! Double perfect, an excuse to give a friend a present!

The quilt made it to its new home a week ago. Apparently Katie (pregnant Katie, not me Katie) had a really rough week at work & her daughter had a bad one as well...which of course made Katie's week even tougher. Then Friday...voila! A present in the mail. I was so glad to be able to put a little happy in her week. But I should have known better than to send her a quilt & only send her daughter a book. About half an hour after getting home, Kenzie had already stolen her mama's quilt.

The other day, I got this email:

After a long COLD day, Sis and I are lounging around. I as

ked her if she needed a blanket and she went right over, picked up MY quilt from you and handed me her bird blanket. She said, "today we trade, Momma!" Oh Stinker!

I'm so glad they love it and I'm so glad we have them as friends.

For those who care, the fabric is Tula Pink Hushabye. I actually got the line in both the pink & blue colorways. The pink became this quilt, & the blue, a quilt for Warren.

The pattern is New Wave from Oh, Fransson!. This quilt was my first experience actually using a pattern & I can't say enough how great this tutorial was. Easy to understand, easy to measure, easy to make, etc. I'm so happy with the outcome.

And this was my inspiration for the quilting.

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