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Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes, I still sew...

I started these placemats months ago. They're a gift for some friends who got married...in March. She saw the placemats I made for my sister & requested a set of her own. I have no idea what colors are in her kitchen but apples seemed rather kitchen-y, right? Hopefully she loves them.

For some reason I got stuck on the binding of the last one & just couldn't make myself sit down to finish it. I recently got the bug to finish up some WIPs (Work in Progress). So this makes 1 down, 16 (or so) to go!

(Again, sorry for the quality of photos. I need to remember to actually use my camera sometimes & not my phone!)

I'm not sure why this picture is sideways & I don't know how to fix it...oops.

They are in the mail now & on their way to Jacksonville, Florida! While I feel awful they are getting to her months after her wedding...I know she'll love walking out to the mailbox & finding a gift she wasn't expecting.

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