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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Win!

I think it is well known that I don't like to lose. If you question this, ask my sister or my mom or my college roommate, Kasie...they will have stories for you!

Jacob & I have been playing dominoes a lot lately...& I have been losing a lot lately. So it was a sweet comfort to get this in the mail yesterday:

During football season, the tradition in Umberger is to predict the football score for the week's game. And sometimes we predict the score for Slippery Rock University's game. Why Slippery Rock?! I don't remember...ask Greg. :)

Well, I have never won a prediction before...sad. And surprising given my superior knowledge of all things sports, right?! But all that changed recently...I WON! And Jacob still hasn't ever won a week...like I said...sweet comfort.

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