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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

A new year has begun! (which means I now have to get used to naming all of my work files '12...wish me luck)

The past year was full of some huge changes & opportunities & challenges for us. Seaton had surgery. I had sewing weekends with two of my best girls. We traveled to Florida for another best friend's wedding. Warren (my perfect 'nephew') was born. Jacob graduated. I left my job. We packed up our things & cats & said goodbye to Manhattan. We drove half way across the country to take a shot at a life in California. I met more of Jacob's wonderful family. He started a new job. My grandpa had a stroke. I started a new job...working four feet away from Jacob. We made some new friends. We saw the Dodgers & LA Kings play. We spent holidays at the beach. We missed the family & friends we left.

In all, 2011 was a great year. I hope that while 2012 continues to surprise, challenge, & reward us, we are able to smile at the end of the day & be thankful for everything we have. I hope that we continue to take advantage of all that this new life has to offer us...starting with going to the Rose Bowl! Look for us...45 yard line...4th row!

Happy New Year!

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